Tips on how to Keep Your Li-Po Battery For a long period Without having Shortening Its Lifetime

Of all of the innovation that paved the way on the rise of electrical RC flying, LiPo battery manufacturer know-how performs one of the greatest roles. Right now, modern-day batteries have a very significantly better energy to fat ratio than just before. This permits RC airplanes and helicopters to stay while in the air to get a prolonged period of time – whilst lengthy as their nitro counter parts, or even more time. Among the categories of batteries, Li-Po or Lithium Polymer costs since the greatest your hard earned money should buy. Although they value a lot less than they utilized to, it can be constantly smart to be sure that the Li-Po battery will very last for as long as it could. This information will supply some tips as to the best way to retail store your Li-Po battery for lengthy durations without having sacrificing its all round lifetime.

If the Li-Po battery is manufacturer new therefore you determine to keep it for a while ahead of placing it to first use, contrary to prevalent perception, it is actually best never to retail outlet the battery in its uncharged condition. The best follow is always to totally demand it and retain it at 4.two V per cell before storing the battery absent for a long time. By way of example, should you purchased a 3-Cell Li-Po battery rated at 11.1 V, when completely charged, the battery will maintain 12.six V. This tends to enable it to be suited to keep stored absent for three to 6 months. Nonetheless, following six months, the voltage will get started to weaken. When this comes about, absolutely demand it once more, whereby giving one more six months of storage time. While this technique might be carried out around and about, the battery shouldn’t be kept without having currently being employed for a lot more than 2 yrs.

In case the Li-Po battery is reasonably new and has been used not more than 70 periods, has never achieved temperature of extra than forty five degrees, and in no way limited circuited, the individual cells in the battery ought to be balanced prior to storage. This quickly can be carried out via new versions of charger which has a “balance cell” operate. A different approach is to measure the voltage of each mobile and established just about every mobile to possess an equal voltage for the least-voltage cell. The cells may be discharged employing a simple-circuit gentle bulb generating contact with particular person cells, whereby slowly but surely draining out every one. After the cells are balanced, absolutely cost the battery, that may give each and every cell about four.2 V. By carrying out this, the battery is going to be ready for just a 2 to 4 month-long storage, on which period the method should be recurring. You should observe that eventually, batteries of this condition stored applying this treatment must not be kept for additional than 1 yr.